Pillow maintenance tips and replacement instructions

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Pillows, like mattresses, can cause mites and bacteria for a long time. If they are cleaned and replaced from time to time, they can easily cause physical illness. So, do you know how to maintain your pillow? How often should I change? According to the material classification, the pillows on the market mainly include: latex pillow, memory pillow, down pillow, buckwheat pillow, chemical fiber pillow. Today, Xiaobian separately summarizes the maintenance techniques of various types of pillows.

Latex pillow

Latex is a solidified rubber sap with natural gas permeability and stagnation properties. It has high elasticity and is not easily deformed. Xiao Bian suggested that you can change the pillowcase once every half a month. If the pillow core is stained, it can be cleaned with water. Use a dry cloth to dry the water and then dry it in a ventilated place. Do not expose it to sunlight, otherwise it will easily oxidize the powder. Latex pillows are durable and can be used for 5 years.

Memory Pillow

Memory cotton, also known as zero-pressure slow rebound space memory cotton, has a high fit, but the gas permeability is generally, the water vapor is not easy to disperse. Perrin suggested that the memory pillow should not be washed once in half a month, and the pillow core should not be washed and exposed. Just place it in a cool place. The memory pillow is elastically slow, but it is not easy to be permanently deformed. It is not a problem to use it for about 3 years.

Down pillow

Down is an animal protein fiber, which is relatively fluffy and breathable, but it is easy to form a ball when it is in contact with water, so it is not suitable for washing. Perrin recommends that the down pillow be exposed every 2 weeks. If there is smudge, use a wrung wet towel to wipe the coat and dry. The down pillow hit helps to restore the pillow fullness, and the service life is generally about 3 years.

Buckwheat pillow

Buckwheat husk is a kind of plant seed shell, which has certain health care effects. It is easy to mold and grow insects when exposed to moisture, and needs to be aired regularly. Xiao Bian suggested that the pillowcase of the buckwheat pillow should be changed frequently. The pillow core should not be washed. It should be poured out every other month to dry and dry, and remove debris and dust. Buckwheat pillows are affected by plant characteristics and will be replaced after about 1 year.

Chemical fiber pillow

Polyester fiber is a chemically synthesized fiber with a certain elasticity, but it is easily deformed by long-term heavy pressure and is difficult to recover. Xiaobian suggested that the chemical fiber pillow should be exposed to the sun for 2 hours every week. If necessary, it can be washed with a washing machine. After washing, dry it as soon as possible to help the pillow recover elasticity. After the chemical fiber pillow becomes hard and agglomerated, it must be replaced. The general use time is 1 year.

Have you remembered the maintenance techniques for pillows? Remind everyone that no matter what supplies have a shelf life, pillows are close-fitting items, and problems such as deformation and dirt should be replaced decisively.