What material quilt cover is the warmest?

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The weather suddenly cools down, winter is coming, what kind of quilt cover is the warmest, are you ready for the winter bedding?

Cotton sanding

Cotton sanding must be done with combed cotton, otherwise there will be too many hair loss after grinding. The grey cloth is subjected to "desizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerizing, printing and dyeing, etc., and then rubbing on the cloth surface with a roller wrapped with sand, and a layer of fluff is ground on the cloth surface.

In addition to the characteristics of pure cotton, cotton sanding is soft, comfortable, rich in texture, strong in drape, easy to care, and rich in suede. It has a warm, soft and comfortable feeling when it is covered. As long as new.

Tencel sanding

Tencel is oxidized and mixed with conifer-based wood pulp, water and solvent. It is heated to complete dissolution without any derivative or chemical action. It is made by removing impurities and directly spinning. It is naturally environmentally friendly and then passed through a sanding machine. The silk fabric rubs to form a layer of short fluff.

Tencel sanding is stronger than pure cotton sanding in moisture absorption and breathable green. When sleeping in winter, due to the high temperature inside the sweat, the moisture-absorbing and breathable fabric can enhance the comfort of the human body and is not easy to catch a cold.

Coral fleece

Polyester fiber is used as raw material, after heating, deformation, cooling, shaping and other processes, due to the high density between fibers, it is coral-like and has good coverage. It is like a soft coral and soft body. It is called a coral. velvet.

Coral velvet texture is fine, no lint, no ball, no fading, excellent water absorption, no irritation to the skin, no allergies, beautiful appearance, deeply loved by consumers, the only drawback is that it is not breathable, people who sleep and sweat suggest Change cotton or Tencel.


Using carded (cotton) wool yarn as raw material, some wool (or cotton fiber) is dyed first, then a part of primary color wool (or cotton fiber) is blended, and the mixture is spun into mixed color yarn, and the fabric is woven into a fabric. Made.

The difference between flannel and coral fleece

The flannel fabric is thicker and the density of the plush is very tight; the density of the fleece is relatively sparse. The feel of the fluff is also slightly different, the feel of the flannel is more delicate and soft; the thickness and warmth of the fabric are also different, the flannel is thicker and more warm.